Behaviour on buses

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Student bus users attended an assembly on Friday 27th November with a representative from Brighton and Hove Buses.  Patcham High students have been regarded as the most well behaved students using the buses for a long time, but unfortunately the behaviour of a minority of students this term has caused some distress for the majority of users, and Brighton and Hove Buses employees, on their way to and from school.

Brighton and Hove Buses have made it clear that anti-social, destructive and dangerous behaviour will not be tolerated.  Any student found to be behaving inappropriately will be banned, and busID passes revoked, from Brighton and Hove Buses.


My responsibilities as a bus user

I understand that because I have a right to travel on home to school transport, I have a responsibility to behave well.  I will never act in a manner that may compromise the safety of others.



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