Accelerated Reader and Home Connect

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Every student at Patcham High is involved in the Accelerated Reader programme, a programme that encourages them to become more competent readers at their own pace.

Students begin by taking a STAR-Reading test to establish their initial reading level. STAR Reading is a test taken on the computer that recommends what difficulty of book each pupil should be reading – their ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development). Based on this, students are free to choose books that interest them but remain within this band of ideal difficulty.

Once a student has finished their book, they take an Accelerated Reader quiz which tests how much of the book was correctly comprehended and awards points as well as a percentage score. These are highly motivating for pupils as they receive praise from teachers and incentives can be agreed upon. After reviewing their latest score and with staff guidance, pupils can then make an informed decision about their next book.

Our daily Drop Everything And Read sessions provide students with plenty of opportunity to work through their books, but getting students to take this enthusiasm home with them is even more effective! There are many things you can do to help encourage your child to continue reading at home, including sharing in the successes they experience at school. You are able to view your child’s progress from home using Home Connect, a tool that allows you to set updates and feedback to be automatically emailed to you as well as involve yourself with your child’s learning.

Instructions on accessing Home Connect, more information on the Accelerated Reader programme and further strategies to help promote reading in your home can be found here:

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