Facial Piercings

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Dear Parents/Carers

We have noticed since the Christmas holidays that there has been an increase in the number of students with facial piercings. This contravenes our uniform policy on jewellery which states that it should be discreet and safe, with only small studs or earrings allowed. It is also a health and safety risk. We do acknowledge that previously piercings have not been mentioned specifically in our uniform policy but we will ensure that we provide greater clarity on this issue from now on, so that everyone is clear about our expectations.

For those students that have current facial piercings, please would you ensure that piercings are either removed completely, a retainer used (available from piercing shops) or, if neither of these are possible, tape or a plaster placed over it. This includes chin, eyebrow, tongue and lip piercings as well as those parts of the ears other than ear lobes. The only piercing that will continue to be acceptable until the end of the summer term 2016 will be the smallest available nose stud, which must be removed during PE lessons for health & safety reasons.

Students who have been found to be in breach of our policy have, in the main, been very cooperative about remedying the situation and we are very grateful to parents for your support. Students know that failure to comply with our piercing policy will be subject to sanctions including isolation, but we fully expect that such sanctions will not be necessary.

From September 2016, in line with other schools in the city, please be aware that we will not allow any facial piercings at all.

Thank you for your continued support for our school.

Yours sincerely
Paula Sargent

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