Inter-House Table Tennis Competition

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After two weeks of intense table tennis, our third inter-house competition has finally come to a close. Of the 124 students and staff who entered, just Oakley (Year 8) and Morgan (Year 9) were left standing at the end and, whilst both finalists were from Mandela House, the last match remained tense, with Oakley eventually managing to run out his competitor. Please see below for the final house standings:


1st Mandela – 245 points

2nd Marie Curie – 146 points

3rd Aung San – 96 points

4th Ghandi – 83 points


Both boys, as well as Mr Newman (Mandela’s Head of House) will be awarded their trophies/medals next Friday. Thank you to all those who took part or spectated, we look forward to such dedicated participation at our next inter-house event.

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