Self Harm Awareness

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The welfare of your children is always a priority for staff at Patcham. In school we teach pupils about staying safe and we deliver age-appropriate lessons on the issue of self-harm.  As parents and carers, you may be first notice changes in behaviour that are of concern to you. Should you have concerns about any young person, please contact your child’s tutor, Year Head, Head of Key Stage or the School’s Safeguarding Team.

The phrase ‘self harm’ is used to describe a wide range of behaviours. Self harm is often understood to be a physical response to an emotional pain of some kind, and can be very addictive. Some of the things people do are quite well known, such as cutting, burning or pinching, but there are many, many ways to hurt yourself, including abusing drugs and alcohol or having an eating disorder. Sometimes, it’s more important to focus on how someone is feeling rather than what they do to themselves. Quite often, people find that more helpful.

The following links will provide you with some information and guidance on dealing with a child who might self-harm:

Additional links:

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