Help our hedgehogs!

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Hedgehogs are rapidly declining in numbers in the UK.  One reason is they have limited access to their food as we have put up solid fences around our gardens.  A hedgehog needs access to about 4 gardens to be able to survive and they repay us by eating garden pests slugs and snails!

DJ Strachen and Ms Meaker’s class are running a competition to support their Citizenship GCSE project.

To enter the competition you need to cut a hole in your fence to allow access for hedgehogs, take a photo and email it to

The main prize is a hedgehog home worth £25-30 and there are also ‘hedgehog meals’ up for grabs too!

The winners will be picked at random from this email list on Monday 25th April.

The Pet Shed

The Pet Shed in Brighton has donated 2 hedgehog homes one for the competition, and 17 hedgehog meals, plus 10% off purchases for anyone with the flier DJ has made which is available to all students at school. A very generous offer I’m sure you’ll agree!

There is a lovely 5 minute video  on why hedgehogs are so important that you may wish to watch.

DO NOT feed hedgehogs bread and milk as this is very dangerous to their digestive system.   Cat or dog food is much safer for them, chicken and turkey is the best to choose.

With special thanks to The Pet Shed, 100 Preston Drove, Brighton, and I hope everyone has a lovely Easter break.
Ms Meaker and DJ


For instructions on how to make a hedgehog highway to link our gardens:

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