Year 11 and the final part of the GCSE season

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With two weeks gone into the exam season, I would like to pass on my congratulations to the hard work and commitment being shown by the students, conducting themselves admirably, in what typically is the warmest and sunniest spell of the year.

Up until this point we have run lessons as normal and all of Year 11 have remained in school either in classes or in Exams. From Monday 6th June students only need to attend lessons that have not completed the exam and the exams themselves, this means there will be a gentle tailing off of time spent in school up until the final exam on the 27th June. Students are expected to attend these lessons and should be full school uniform please.

There is a full programme of Half term revision classes in school, details of which are shown below to help students to plan their revision schedule.

Day   am (9-12) pm (1-4)
Tuesday 31st May English- KW (E2 / IT3) MR (E4) (targeted Students only) History (JP H4 / SH H7)
Computer Science JMY (IT2) Computer Science JMY (IT2)
Geography (T2)
Wednesday 1st June
Maths (M1, LMG, M2 A/A*-JG, M3 C/B- RVS, M4 C RDY) all students, different grade target levels.
History CJV (H3)
Thursday 2nd June Yr10 latin / Class Civ. RD (E3)
Yr 11 Ancient History RD (E3)
German LC (ML2)
Science Yr10 LF (S1) B2C2P2
Science Yr11 LF (S1) B2C2P2
Science Yr11 IJM (S4) B3C3P3
Friday 3rd June MUSIC GCSE – AR (MU1/2) MUSIC GCSE – AR (MU1/2)
Science Y11 JMW (S8) B4C4P4
Science Yr 11 JHA & JMW (S6 / S8) B5C5P5
Science Yr11 JHA (S6) B6C6P6

Mr M Newman
Deputy Headteacher

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