Year 11 College Applications and Mock Exams

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Dear Parents/Carers,

Year 11 College Applications & Mock Exams

As I am sure you are aware your child is currently completing their college applications during form time. This is a very important time for students as they are making decisions that will impact on their future.

Our careers Advisor Cordelia Dobbie has spent this term running assemblies for the Y11 students, visiting their tutor groups and meeting with students individually. We have also held a Post 16 Progression Evening which many of you attended and held a Y11 Careers Information Day for the students. This process has hopefully helped the students on deciding which college/course is best for them.

College Application forms are due in to Student Services by Friday 25th November. It is important that these forms are handed in to us at Patcham rather than being posted directly to the colleges. We make sure we take a copy of all the forms and hand deliver them to each college. This ensures all students have submitted applications and we have a backup in case there is an issue with any of the forms.

In the Spring term student’s will spend time with their tutors preparing for their college interviews. These interviews will start after Christmas but can run all the way until Easter. The colleges hold their interviews at different times so please do not worry if your child does not receive an invite to interview at the same time as other students. All students will be interviewed and receive offers. If a student receives multiple offers from colleges, they are encouraged to accept all their offers then decide once they receive their results on the one they want to attend in September. The course the student is offered during their interview is subject to change depending on the results the child receives in the Summer.

The Y11’s will have their first round of mock exams from Monday 28th November – Friday 2nd December. Except for Art who will hold their mock in the week after and History/Geography whose mocks will be in the last week of term. I have included the mock exam timetable below so you are aware of when your child is required in school and when each exam will be held.

Day Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5
Monday 28/11 Maths Exam Maths Exam Science Exam Science Exam Home Study
Tuesday 29/11 Maths Exam Maths Exam English Exam English Exam Citizenship or Latin Exam
Wednesday 30/11 Home Study Option Exam or Lesson Option Exam or Lesson Home Study Home Study
Thursday 01/12 Maths Exam Maths Exam Science Exam Science Exam Home Study
Friday 02/12 Home Study Option Exam or Lesson Option Exam or Lesson Option Exam or Lesson Option Exam or Lesson

All Y11 students have received an individual timetable for their mock exams and a candidate exam handbook which they are to familiarise themselves with for the mock exams and their GCSEs in the Summer. The grades the students receive in their mock exams will be sent to the colleges along with the student’s college reference. Therefore, it is vital that the students take pride in these exams and aim to succeed to the best of their ability. Revision sessions are in place every day after school for students to take part in.

I wish all the Y11 students the best of luck with their college applications/interviews and their mock exams.
Please do contact me if you have any concerns or questions about any issues regarding Y11.

Yours sincerely
Candice Bocking
Head of KS4

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