Parent Governor Election

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Dear Parents/Carers
We currently have two vacancies for Parent Governors to join the Governing Body. The deadline for nominations was 25th November 2016 and we received nominations from:

Helen Arnold-Jenkins

Carmelo Rafala

Claire Wilkins

Parent Governors are elected by other parents of registered pupils at the school. Every parent at the school is receiving one voting paper (irrespective of the number of children at the school). You may wish to bear in mind the Governing Body has identified it would benefit from strengthening their partnerships with the community and businesses in the area as well as diversifying to reflect the local community.

To vote, please place a cross next to the two candidates of your choice on the letter you will receive this week. Their supporting statements are included, so that you can make an informed decision. Completed voting papers should be returned in the envelope provided and placed in the voting box at school, held by Student Services, or sent to the school, to arrive by 9.00am on Friday 6th January 2017. Please note that regulations state that voting by proxy is not allowed.

The role of the Parent Governor

Parent Governors are not elected to represent all the parents, but to bring the voice of a parent to the Governing Body.

Governance is an important part of school leadership and all Governors are expected to play their part in improving the effectiveness of the Governing Body. Governors must be committed to keeping up to date with the expectations of their role by attending training and also attending Governors’ meetings and visits to the school.

Governors contribute to raising standards of achievements for all pupils by providing a strategic view for the school, acting as a critical friend and ensuring accountability. They do not get involved in the day to day running of the school.

If you have any questions about the role or the election process, please contact Janet Johnson Clerk to Governors:

Yours sincerely
J McKee                                                                        Sarah Fitzjohn-Scott
Headteacher                                                                Chair of Governors

Election for Parent Governor at Patcham High School

There are three candidates and their supporting statements are listed below, in alphabetical order.

Candidate: Helen Arnold-Jenkins

As a single gay Mum of 2 teenage young men, one of whom has special educational needs, I have spent much of the last 19 years (has been a steep learning curve!) reading reacting, responding, organising, advocating for my boys in all areas of their developing lives. I am a member of the steering group of the Parent and Carer Council here in Brighton and Hove and am the Parent Rep responsible for the many areas of Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing currently being ‘Overhauled’. I sit on the CAMHS Partnership Board and have done so consistently for the last 4 years, as well as many other Local Authority forums and meetings, which I regularly attend – I am a passionate supporter of those of us who suffer with mental health and emotionally challenging lives, and am not afraid to speak on behalf of those who may not be able, or want to participate themselves! I would feel it a privilege to work alongside others, as a Parent Governor.

Candidate: Carmelo Rafala
I possess twelve years’ experience in secondary school as a successful teacher of English. I have mentored trainee teachers, developed resources files for my department and led meetings on sharing good practice. I have also prepared and led department discussions on improvement plans for pupils who required additional help in the subject. I have been a mentor to pupils through the pastoral system, working with pupils with various emotional and behavioural issues in course selection for sixth form study and/or vocational training. I have worked voluntarily within the SEN department, working with small groups to secure basic English writing and comprehension skills. I have been a lead APP moderator for the previous Key Stage 3 system. I have also led the school Youth Debating Team, sponsored by the Rotary Club.
Outside education, I am experienced in editing and preparing manuscripts for publication for various well-known writers. I also work with the homeless to secure accommodation and assist with medical and mental health well-being applications and appointments.

Candidate: Claire Wilkins
Born and raised in Brighton, I wish to become a Governor as I am passionate about the children of the City being given every opportunity to learn and progress in this world. My son has been at the school 3 years. His elder sister who has dyspraxia attended a different school and we have been impressed by the professional dedication of all the staff at Patcham. I now have the time to commit to ‘giving back’ to education and would like to help the school in its important work.
I started work at 16 to as an Office Junior in an Estate Agents. I have been a sales secretary, engineering secretary, restaurant hostess, security guard, PA and company secretary. I have also worked with children in a voluntary capacity since I was 18, as a Cub Scout leader and trainer for 20 years and then with the NTC where I worked my way up to the National Secretary and Trustee of the Corps. I am organised and meticulous, keep up-to-date and can get on with anyone. I gave up formal employment in 2007 to look after my family, continue with voluntary work and undertake craft work to sell locally.

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