Careers Curriculum Day 28th February 2017

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The whole of Year 10 participated in a really well received ‘Work Insight’ event – the purpose of the day being to expand students’ ideas regarding careers in a variety of different occupational sectors. Representatives from both local and national organisations were asked to take students beyond their often limited knowledge of jobs within each sector. Once the students had been exposed to the vast range of exciting opportunities offered within the different occupational groups, the speakers were then asked to help students gain the skills needed to continue their own independent research for their future career goal setting using websites, careers software programmes and psychometric testing.

Organisations who kindly gave their time to help on the day included Sussex Police, the NHS,  Barclay’s Bank, Aldi, Sussex Cricket and Thomas Cook.

Student feedback for the day was very positive as was the responses from the speakers who kindly gave up their time to visit us for the day.

Student feedback from the day included comments such as:-


“I have developed my opinions on what I would like to do”

“That there are loads of opportunities”

“I found out about careers I barely knew”

“I learnt about what it’s like to work in different career paths”

“I have a better understanding of what it takes to get into different jobs”

“I will be more aware of what jobs I can get and will be compelled to find them”

“I have learnt to think more about what I want to do and what would suit me best”


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