SIMS Parent Gateway Problems

By   /  08/03/2017  /  Comments Off on SIMS Parent Gateway Problems

Dear Parents/Carers

We have been notified this morning by our hosted Software Suppliers (Capita) that there have been issues with gaining access to the SIMS Parent Gateway since late Friday evening.

The link to the Parent Gateway is not working correctly due to a technical issue with the Capita hosted server, and they are working to rectify this as a matter of priority.

Teaching Staff have been alerted to the fact that students have not been able to gain access to their Homework Logs on the Parent Gateway this weekend, and therefore will take this into account.
If students know they have been set Homework but have not written down the details in their student journals, they should ask their teacher for the details of what Homework was set, and when this requires handing in.

Thanks for cooperation.


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