Letter to new Year 7 Parents/Carers

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Dear Parents/Carers,

I wanted to write to you all before we break up for the Summer holidays to once again say to you and your child that we are really looking forward to welcoming them as a Patcham High School student on Tuesday 5th of September. To reduce any inevitable uncertainty and anxiety that your child will feel I felt it important that I share what we have planned for their first day and also to let you know about the Year 7 production that is planned for the Autumn term.

Their day will start at 8:35am in the school hall and I would suggest they arrive at school anytime from 8:15am and enter through the main reception entrance. After a brief welcome assembly led by the Head teacher Mr McKee and myself, they will spend some time with their tutor group where they will be given their timetables, journals and any other important information. After break time they will return to their tutor group and take part in DEAR for which they will need a reading book. For the remainder of the day they will go to their timetabled lessons so they can get used to moving around the school and begin to meet their teachers. They will have an extended lunch in which they can use the canteen or eat their own packed lunches and they will also have an opportunity to sign up to all our PE clubs. Their day will finish at 14:50pm.

If your child has a passion or interest in Drama, I can now inform you that the Year 7 production will be Aladdin. Sign up and auditions will be held early in the new term so if they are keen to be involved then Ms Davies and Mr Bright our Drama teachers have suggested that students refresh their memories of the story by reading the book or watching the film. This I must stress is open to everyone and it will be great to get as many students involved as possible which is the case for all our clubs and opportunities at Patcham.

I hope you managed to get hold of one of our Welcome Booklets on the Transition day/evening as this will contain most of the answers to your questions. If you didn’t please let me know ASAP and I will try and send you one of our few remaining hard copies. Our school website is another excellent source of information and can be found here http://www.patchamhigh.brighton-hove.sch.uk/.

Finally I hope you have a fantastic summer, I will be at work until Tuesday the 25th of July should you have any questions and we will be back officially on Friday the 1st of September. My email is tbrookes@patchamhigh.org.uk and when in school I can be reached by phone on 01273 503908 ext 204. I will check my emails intermittently throughout the summer holidays so please do get in touch if you feel the need.

Please share all this information with your child.

Kind regards,

Tom Brookes – Head of Year 7

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