Additional Year 11 Science Lessons

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Dear Parents/ Guardians,

As we start Year 11 we are increasingly aware of the pressures and strains it will put upon our students as they prepare for the more challenging GCSE exams. Last year’s results were very encouraging within English and Maths as they moved onto the new style exams with the 1-9 grades. Indeed our results were some of the best in the city in these two subjects and overall our strongest set of results to date. Much of the success was supported by the Year 11s commitment to the after school revision sessions run throughout the year by our dedicated staff.

This year Science also moves to the new style exam and grading system alongside other subjects. The Science courses are increasingly demanding and we are very aware of the amount of content Year 11 need to learn. To this end we are excited to have secured resourcing to provide an additional Science lesson for students once per fortnight starting immediately on a Thursday from 2.50-3.50pm as shown on the Students’ timetables. We are really pleased to be able to offer this to all of the students regardless of which Science course they are following and believe that this will really help support their preparation for those final exams, this model has certainly helped with both Maths and English.

We will look forward to a productive and hardworking year and some wonderful exam results at the end.


Yours sincerely,

Mike Newman                                 Mrs J Hall
Deputy Headteacher                      Director of Science

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