Review of Results

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Dear Parent/Carer and Student,

Results day for students is on Thursday 23rd August 2018.
Results will be available in the main school hall between 10 -12.

These are the options that are available to students after they have received their results should they wish to review any of them.

Reviews of Results – (RoRs)

If you are concerned about your results and are considering a review of any of your papers, you will need to go to each of the examining board websites and search for the grade boundaries for that paper (or speak to one of the teachers at school). Exam websites are listed here

Grade boundaries are useful in determining if an enquiry should be pursued. Our advice would be that if you are more than 1 or 2 marks away from the next grade boundary on a paper, a review is unlikely to result in your grade changing.

Service 1 Clerical Check of Marking

This will include the following checks:

that all parts of the script have been marked;
 the totalling of marks on the script is correct;
 the recording of marks;
 If requested, a copy of the re-checked script(s) will be made available.
 The outcome of the re-check will be reported along with a statement of the total marks awarded for each unit, or component, which was included in the enquiry.

Service 2 Review of Marking

This is a post results review of the original marking to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly. The service is available for all scripts that have been marked by the exam boards.

A review of a result should be interpreted as a REVIEW of MARKING and NOT a ‘RE-MARK’. By ensuring that marks are reviewed, only those marks that are the result of a genuine marking error, and not just a difference in judgement will be changed. It is important that you realise marks can go down as well as up and that you could end up with a lower mark following a review.

This will include:
 the clerical re-checks detailed in Service 1;
 a review of marking as described above;
 if requested, copy of the reviewed script(s) for those units/components included as part of the Access to Scripts service.

All applications are made on-line by the school. A candidate consent form (signed by the student and parent) is required together with a cheque for the appropriate fee. If there is a change of grade the fee will be reimbursed.

All requests for reviews must include the completed and signed Candidate Consent Form, and be received in writing by Mrs Richardson at Patcham High School by 14 September 2018.

The deadline for completion of requests (after the awarding body has received the school’s request) is within 10 days for Service 1 requests and 20 days for Service 2 requests.

There is no individual appeal against coursework components. The school has to make an enquiry about the whole cohort if there is concern with the outcome of the moderation process.


If you wish to make an appeal after receiving the outcome of the review, you need to contact the school in writing stating the grounds for the appeal. A guide to the awarding bodies’ appeals processes is available on the JCQ website This provides full details of the awarding bodies’ appeals processes and the associated timescales.

Access to Scripts (ATS)

If you wish to see a copy of your marked exam paper to decide whether to request a review, there is a strict deadline. You must ensure that the request is made to Mrs Richardson by Thursday 29 August 2018 and that you have provided a signed candidate consent form and payment for the service.

Copies of marked papers will be available by mid-October from the examination boards. The costs and deadlines are shown in the table below. If you request a return of the original paper you will not then be able to request a review of marking at a later date for AQA or WJEC Exam boards.

This letter and the forms are on the school website under School Information / Examinations / Letter to Parents Year 11 Results 2018 and Candidate Consent Form for Review 2018.
There will be a copy of the consent forms in each student’s results envelope.

Yours faithfully,

Tracey Richardson
Data, Exams and Administration Manager


Candidate Consent Form 2018 Request for Review