Centre for Alternative Learning and Mentoring

Centre for Alternative Learning and Mentoring (CALM)

The CALM unit consist of a team of Learning Mentors who provide support and guidance to students who appear to be struggling with self-management, social and emotional difficulties. The key objective of a Learning Mentor is to assist the student to overcome any barriers to learning they may face. The CALM team support students both inside and outside of the classroom, developing a relationship with the student to help them access the curriculum.

Every student that comes our way will have a tailored support plan around their individual needs. The overall outcome hopes to engage and motivate pupils, promoting and reinforcing self-esteem, welfare and academic success.

The Learning Mentors help to create pathways for academic success; working in line with the whole school approach to develop students GRIT and resilience.

Meet the team

If you would like to speak with a Learning Mentor please contact:

Laura Sourbutts – Senior Learning Mentor: lsourbutts@patchamhigh.org.uk

Cleopatra Fraser – Learning Mentor: cfraser@patchamhigh.org.uk

Debra Lloyd – Attachment Lead: dlloyd@patchamhigh.org.uk


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