Course Information

Over recent years we have completely renovated the GCSE History course and have found a series of courses which students will find fascinating and relevant!

The three main courses we follow are:

Crime and Punishment Through Time – Since the Romans, Britain has struggled to deal with the problem of crime. Every age has felt it is facing a crime “wave” and has tried its best to deal with it. Nowadays we have a range of sentences, from Asbo’s to life prison sentences. Past ages have dealt with crime rather differently. From whipping the homeless, to burning so called “heretics”, from being hung drawn and quartered to a trial by cake (really!) Students will find this a fascinating, gory journey through two thousand years of trying anything but having a police force and prisons (we only really started having those in the 19thcentury!)

Germany 1919-45 – In Year 9 students will have been introduced to the rise of Hitler and the Nazis. In this course we will be able to give students a far deeper and richer understanding of why the most educated country in Europe chose to abolish democracy and put a man in charge, capable of the most evil acts of savage mass murder.

9/11 and the War in Afghanistan: this is the focus for our Controlled Assessment. Students will learn about the background to the horrific events of 2001 when the world stared in disbelief at our televisions. We will analyse the nature of terrorism and learn why Bin Laden was/is seen as a hero to thousands of people, who see the USA as the terrorists.

Year 10

  • In Year 10 students sit the source-based paper, worth 30% of the total GCSE.
  • This is on a particular area of the Crime and Punishment course. The students will be told the subject area in advance.

Year 11

  • Controlled Assessment is worth 25% of the GCSE.
  • In History students learn about the background to 9/11, the War in Afghanistan and the wider war on terror.
  • Students also sit Paper 1 in June. This is worth 45% of the GCSE and covers the whole of the Crime and Punishment course and the Germany 1919-45 course.

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