Year Teams

Pastoral care of our students is of utmost importance to us. We want all our students to feel happy and safe, if they don’t, they won’t achieve.

Our students can get advice from many sources:

  • Other pupils within their tutor group
  • Our teams of Lead (Year 11) and Support (Year 9) Students
  • The Peer Mentoring Team
  • Their Form Tutors
  • Head of House
  • Year Heads and Assistant Year Heads
  • The Learning Mentor Team (CALM Unit)
  • Their Teachers

New Intake Registration Form

If you wish for your child to receive a place at this school you must contact the School Admissions Team at the council.

Year 7

What an exciting first half term we’ve had in Year 7! From Humanuptoipa on the first day, where we talked about the kind of people we want to be at Patcham, to Blacklands Farm, where were conquered fears, dangled from ropes, got soaking wet and had the best fun doing it –  it has certainly been busy!

It was also lovely to see so many parents again at Meet the Tutors evening; the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I can’t tell you how happy I am that my lovely cohort have settled into Patcham so well while meeting our high expectations for success.

I look forward to seeing what the next half term will bring!

Miss Hallett
Year 7 Group Leader


Year 8

The students in Year 8 have had a fabulous start to their time at Patcham, and I feel they are now ready to take on the challenges of the year ahead. As role models to our younger students, Year 8 is an exciting yet challenging year,  where students will lay the foundations for their GCSE years. We continue to have even higher expectations of the students, in order for them to be successful in whatever path they choose to pursue. As a year group we pride ourselves on being ambitious and going the extra mile to ensure we achieve our goals. I believe that with this determination, grit and a supportive team of tutors the students in Year 8 will go on to be extremely successful.

With options choices and applications for support student at the end of the year, every moment counts in order to make the year a success.

Ms Dyche
Year 8 Group Leader


Year 9 

I strongly believe that Year 9 is one of the most important years in a young person’s development and therefore feel very privileged to be in a position of supporting them through the next three years. They have just started their GCSE options and this has brought about change in their classes and who they are with as well as new tutors and a new Year Group Leader and Head of Key Stage. All this change gives the students an excellent opportunity to begin defining who they are and what sort of person they want to become. So many already have demonstrated great levels of maturity and strength that reflects so well on who they are. The students are on a new journey within Patcham High School and so many are recognising this change and the challenges it brings.

Due to this step up from Year 8 it is so important that the young people in Year 9 understand the importance of attending school every day and that when they are here they are getting the most out of each lesson and learning opportunity.

I not only believe Year 9 to be one of the most important years for young people but I also believe this particular group of Year 9 students to be one of the most hard working, mature and respectful year groups I have come across.

It is because of this that I believe they will be extremely successful and I am already looking forward to coming in on results day in the summer of 2019 to share in the joy and celebrations there will be when they open those envelopes.

Mr Guiver
Year 9 Group Leader


Year 10

Year 10 is a crucial year with regard to making the required progress towards fulfilling academic potential and getting the exam results our students are capable of. It is the year in which they will cover the majority of the course content and it is certainly learning time that they will never get back. Therefore it is crucial that students are in school as much as possible and demonstrate a positive attitude towards their learning at all times.

Year 11

This year is going by so quickly and before you know it you will be sitting your final exams.

Remember how important it is to be in school every day and on time to ensure you don’t miss anything and fall behind.

Don’t forget your attendance must be above 90% to attend the prom and I really want to see all of you there celebrating with the staff that have helped you along the way.

Keep up the great work you are doing and you will be finished in no time.

Candice Bocking
Head of KS4


Y11 Revision Resources

A great way to revise for exams is to work through past papers. Each exam board has a website where students can download past papers with mark schemes (links below). Edexcel even has a mobile app for downloading past papers.

Remember practice, practice, then practice some more!


Varndean College –   tel. 01273 508011

General Course Information
Saturday September 28th 11am – 2pm
Wednesday November 13th 6.30-9pm
Thursday November 14th 6.30-9pm

International Baccalaureate
Thursday 24th October 6.30-7.45

City College 
–    tel. 01273 667788

At both the Central and East Campuses – A free shuttle bus will operate between the two campuses during the evenings.

Wednesday 16th October 5-8pm
Tuesday 19th November 5-8pm

How to apply.

Sussex Downs College

Lewes 6th Form College –    tel. 01273 483188
Friday 8th November 5-7.30pm
Saturday 9th November 10am-12pm

Park College – Eastbourne Campus – tel. 01323 637111
Friday 18th October- 5-7.30pm
Saturday 19th October – 10am-12pm

BHASVIC –  tel. 01273 552200
Wednesday 20th November 6.30-9pm
Thursday 21st November 6.30-9pm

Plumpton College –   tel. 01273 890 454
Saturday 2nd November 9-12.30
Saturday 1st March 9-12.30

Northbrook College –   tel. 0845 155 6060

Shoreham Airport Campus – (Motor Vehicle and Aircraft Engineering)
Tuesday 12th November 6-8pm

14-19 Centre  – (Hair & Beauty, Childcare, Construction, Electrical, Engineering, Public Services, Music)
Wednesday 13th November 6-8pm

University Centre – (Art & Design, Graphics, Fashion, Media, Business, Travel & Tourism, IT, Catering, Performing Arts)
Thursday 14th November 6-8pm

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