SIMS Parent/Student Gateway

The SIMS Learning Gateway is an on-line portal which allows you to view (via the internet) important “live” information regarding your child’s attendance and punctuality to lessons; their achievement and behaviour at school; any detentions set, their homework and their academic progress throughout the school year. You can view information for all children that attend Patcham High School in one place.

Each of your children have their own Student Logins for the SIMS Learning Gateway where they can view their timetable, their achievement and behaviour points, their homework and their school progress reports. If your child is not sure what their login details are, they should speak to their tutor in the first instance.


Parents Guide for the SIMS Learning Gateway


To sign up for the Parent Gateway you can either print off the following document, sign it and hand into the school to request a Parent Gateway account,

Parents Gateway Policy Form

OR read the Parents Gateway Policy Form above and then click HERE to complete the Sign up to the SIMS Learning Gateway form electronically, which will then be emailed to the school.

If you have previously used the SIMS Learning Gateway but have forgotten your login details, please click HERE for a Password Reset form.


Once you have your login details, you can access the SIMS Learning Gateway here:



If you have any issues accessing or using the Parent Gateway, email