Uniform and Equipment

Facial Piercings – Please see the letter sent to parents in January 2016

We have a strict Uniform Code (shown below) which we expect all our students to adhere to. Correct school uniform is an important basic standard and we have a system in place for ensuring that students comply.

If a student is not in the correct uniform in Period 1 their teacher will send them down to the member of staff on uniform duty. Their name will be added to a list and depending on whether they are a frequent or non-frequent infringer of the uniform code the following may happen:

  • We might make a phone call to see if you are able to drop in the correct uniform
  • A student may be lent an item of uniform
  • A student may be asked to attend a lunchtime uniform detention with their Head of House or Head of Year
  • In extreme cases a student may be sent home to change or in the case of a persistent offender put on an internal exclusion.

Please support our uniform policy by ensuring that your child always comes to school in the correct school uniform.

Please note, plain black socks and shoes; No coloured or white logos on socks or shoes

Click here for information on USED UNIFORMS.


* Item available only from Logo Sports

uniform 1
uniform 2
Our uniforms are available at Logo Sports in Hove.
Click here to access a map.
To access their online shop for Patcham High School click here.
There are limited numbers of used uniform items available. Click here to find out more.

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