Used Uniforms

‘Used Uniforms’ is part of the Fundraising Team.  You will find us at parents evenings and some of the school functions e.g. Patchfest or you can order using the Request form.

We sell Used Uniforms bearing the School Logo at greatly reduced prices to raise money for school projects.  Recycling clothing also supports the school’s Eco Status.

We also sell Support Student and Lead Student uniforms.


How to Order

Just fill in the request form which will be e-mailed to me. I will then contact you with availability.

We cannot guarantee we will have the size or item you request, but if we don’t have one, we’ll let you know as soon as one becomes available.


How to Donate

If you have some clean Logo’d Uniform you no longer need and would like to donate it, please take it to the main reception desk in a bag marked ‘Used Uniform’.


Thank you for your support.

Used Uniform Price List


Used (New)
Polo Shirt £2 £8.00
Cardigan £3 £17.25
Sweatshirt £3 £11.00
Fleece £4 £11.50
Skirt £10 £22.00
P.E. Top £2 £8.00
P.E. Hoodie £5 £13.00
Zip Up £2 £3.50
 Tailored Shorts  £5  £13.50


All skirts have adjustable elastic at the back.