Governing Body Commitees

Most of the work of the Governing Body is delegated to committees that each meet at least termly.  The Full Governing Body meets four times a year.

Minutes of the Full Governing Body and committee meetings (except confidential minutes) including the attendance of governors, will be displayed here once they have been approved – just click on the date.

Full Governing Body Agenda 14th May 2019

Full Governing Body Minutes 27th March 2019

Full Governing Body Minutes 13th December 2018

Full Governing Body Minutes 20th September 2018

Full Governing Body Minutes 5th July 2018

Full Governing Body Minutes 22th March 2018

Full Governing Body Minutes 7th December 2017

Full Governing Body Minutes 19th September 2017

Full Governing Body Minutes 29th June 2017

Full Governing Body Minutes 23rd March 2017

Full Governing Body Minutes 1st December 2016

Full Governing Body Minutes 12th October 2016

Full Governing Body Minutes 14th July 2016

Teaching Learning and Outcome Committee

This Committee oversees the implementation of the National Curriculum as prepared by the Headteacher to ensure the school provides a broad and balanced curriculum, monitoring results and targets for achievement, regularly reviewing and approving policies. The Curriculum committee changed its name to in 2016 to better reflect its remit.

Andrew Saunders (Chair) Laura Carney
Juliet Greenwood Natasha Marris
Carmelo Rafala

TLO Agenda 23rd January 2019

TLO Minutes 13th November 2018

TLO Minutes 25th June 2018

TLO Minutes 1st February 2018

TLO Minutes 16th November 2017

TLO Minutes 25th May 2017

TLO Minutes 2nd February 2017

TLO Minutes 17th October 2016

TLO Minutes 12th May 2016

TLO Minutes 27th January 2016

Resources Committee

The Resources Committee’s terms of reference include amongst others:  the management of the budget; staffing and issues relating to premises.

Richard Evea (Chair)
Stephen Berry Lee Watts
Diane Bonner Andrew Saunders

Resources Minutes 25th February 2019

Resources Minutes 7th November 2018

Resources Minutes 14th May 2018

Resources Minutes 20th February 2018

Resources Minutes 13th November 2017

Resources Minutes 15th June 2017

Students, Families and Community

The Students, Families and Community Committee’s terms of reference include amongst others; overseeing all matters relating to student welfare, conduct, attendance and pastoral support.  It also looks at all the aspects of parental and community involvement.

Caroline Greenfield (Chair) Michael Sandeman (Vice Chair)
Natasha Marris Andrew Saunders

SFC Agenda 7th March 2019

SFC Minutes 18th October 2018

SFC Minutes 14th June 2018

SFC Minutes 7th March 2018 

SFC Minutes 7th March 2018