74 and 75 Buses 4th April 2017

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Dear Parents and Carers

It has been brought to my attention this morning, that due to continued poor behaviour on the school buses by students at Patcham High School, a proposal has been made to remove the number 74 and 75 service from the school effective from after the Easter break.

There have been reports from Brighton and Hove Buses, members of the public and students about the poor behaviour displayed by some Patcham High students.

Students have previously been warned of the consequences of this anti-social behaviour.  Today, the Sussex Police Liaison Officer, who works with Brighton and Hove Buses, met with school representatives to discuss the way forward.  Brighton and Hove Buses are considering removing both bus services.  This would have a huge impact on our students.

We hope to avert this action in the following way:

  • All bus users have been spoken to by myself today and warned of the severity of this situation.
  • I am writing to all Parents/Carers.
  • The culprits will be identified by CCTV and their busID pass will be revoked, they will effectively be banned from the Bus.

I am very sad to be writing to you about these issues, but feel that it is important that you are made aware of the severity of the situation. The 74 and 75 buses will continue to run unless I let you know otherwise.


Yours sincerely

John McKee