We Day Food Bank

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As part of our course we have decided to collect food for people in our local area who are struggling to find food for their families.

WE Schools is the yearlong program that nurtures compassion in young people and gives them the tools to create change in their local and global communities.

Whitehawk Food bank was launched in 2015 and helps local people in crisis.

A food bank is a place where food is stored and then given out to people who need food and may be hungry.

What can you do to help?

There will be a food basket in reception where you can place any of the following items such as;

Different types of Pasta or Rice, Tinned meatballs, Tinned meat pies, Tinned chicken curry, Tinned chilli con carne, Tinned ham, Pasta sauce, Curry sauce, Tinned new potatoes, Tinned vegetables, Tinned sweetcorn, Ketch-up, Mayonnaise, Tinned soup, Cereal, Long life milk or Long life juice.

This list is not exhaustive just as long as they are non-perishable and in date.

What does the Food Bank do with the food they collect?

People come to the foodbank centre on a Wednesday.

They are asked what food they like and then given 3-4 days worth of free food for everyone living in the house.