GCSE Computer Science assessment arrangements

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Dear Parent/Carer

Please find attached a letter from Ofqual the qualifications and examinations regulatory body. This letter outlines the decision that Ofqual have made to remove the Non-Examined Assessment (coursework) from counting towards the GCSE Computing grades. This information has been shared with your child today.

Students must still complete this part of the course but it will no longer count towards 20% of the overall GCSE grade. Students will now receive a grade based on two exam papers (Computer Systems and Algorithms and Programming) each worth 50% of the GCSE each. This move brings Computer Science in line with most other GCSE qualifications.

Please let me take the opportunity to state that this is not a decision we have made as a school but one that that has been directed by Ofqual for all students of GCSE Computer Science across the country. For more information about the reasons behind this decision, please see the attached letter.

For those students in Year 11 we have already met the set number of hours required to complete these tasks and as such the focus will be on theory work going forward up until their exams.
For those students in Year 10 this means that we will still have to complete the task set by the exam board prior to the end of the course, but that this will no longer count towards his/her final GCSE grade.

We believe that the completion of the NEA will help to strengthen your child’s understanding and ability to answer the questions in the Programming and Algorithms paper.

The dates for the GCSE (2018) examinations are listed below:

 Computer Science: Computer Systems 14/05/18 AM
 Computer Science: Programming and Algorithms 17/05/18 PM

Should you have any further questions, I would encourage you to review the attached letter or read the full consultation analysis available on the Ofqual website.

Kind regards
C Taylor
Mrs C Taylor
Head of ICT & Computing