NHS Secondary Schools Information – Y7 Health Questionnaire

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Information for Year 7 Parent/Carers from School Nurse Service


School nurses from Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, talk to year 7 students every year about their role in supporting the health and wellbeing of young people in secondary schools. Part of this session involves the distribution and completion of questionnaires, which helps young people identify any worries they have about their health and supports healthy lifestyles. The students will be informed that if they wish to, they can meet with the school nurse individually. They will also be advised of the weekly health drop in run by the school nurse, and the text advice line, ChatHealth. It will be the Y7 student’s choice to complete the questionnaire. All questionnaires will be collected by the school nurse at the end of the talk and will be  held confidentially.

School nurses will always encourage young people to discuss with their parent/carer if they see the school nurse. Please see the leaflet for more details.