Lifeskills: Citizenship in Action

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Today in Life Skills One Church’s Dave and Mo came in to speak to Ms Meaker’s class about homelessness in the city.
Our Head Boy Joe, plus Phin, Harvey, Will and Rakib have been researching homelessness, as part of their Citizenship GCSE (in Life Skills). The students invited our speakers in as they offer shelter, food and guidance to those experiencing social isolation and in need of help. Pupils were surprised to learn that some homeless people were in employment, and that most homeless people in general will cite a specific traumatic event that changed the course of the lives.
Other students are also tackling the issue of homelessness with some groups seeking donations of sanitary products from major supermarkets for young homeless women, and others have been in conversations with Local Councillor Lee Wares, looking into what the Council provides.As part of the Life Skills curriculum all year 11 classes have been looking into how we can best support those most vulnerable in our society. One campaign is to make elder abuse a specific law and have been working with charities to petition the Home Office.It is lovely to see so many young people trying to make a difference, and make the world a better place.
I am very proud of you all.
Ms Meaker