Genomics Lecture

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Dear Parents / Carers,


Please find below details of a lecture on genomics coming up on the 2nd May at University of Brighton that might be of interest to some of our older students. Professor Colin Smith had his whole genome sequenced in 2013 and became the UK’s first person to make their genome sequence publicly available for research through the Personal Genome Project. This is a free event.


Date: 2 May    Time: 6.30pm   Location: Sallis Benney Theatre, Grand Parade


Colin Smith, Professor of Functional Genomics at the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, will present his inaugural lecture:


A journey of discovery from genes to genomes through antibiotics, sleep, vitamins and personal genomics


‘The field of genomics enables the study of all genes and their functions and is transforming our understanding of living systems. It is also starting to disrupt medicine and propel us into the era of ‘personalised medicine’ where treatments can be tailored to a specific individual, rather than to the population as a whole.

Genomics is changing the way we do biological and medical research, where we are moving away from a ‘reductionist’ approach towards looking at the living system as a whole. For example, we can measure the activity of all of our genes simultaneously and look for relationships between them in an unbiased way. This ‘hypothesis-generating’ approach can lead to unexpected and important findings.

Professor Smith will draw on examples from his own research on antibiotics, sleep disruption, vitamin supplementation and personal genomics to illustrate the power and promise of genomics and to highlight the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in research today.’


The lecture will be followed by a reception – please note that alcohol will be served so under 18s should have an adult with them; places can be booked via


Josie Hall

Head of Science