Patcham High Students smash their target of £200 to raise a whopping £600 for mental Health and Wellbeing in their school.

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Students studying Life skills in year eleven are required to take action for their Citizenship GCSE. Head of Life Skills Ms Kinchin-Frost is proud of this unique and innovative programme and of the hard work that all the year 11’s are currently undertaking.


One group in particular chose to tackle the issue of mental health stigma and awareness because they felt this needed addressing. Mahera Shafique, Olivia Greening, Amy Schildkamp and Maia Shepherd carried out research on government cuts and local initiatives supporting and hindering mental health services nationally and locally. They became particularly interested in ensuring their own service in school was adequately funded.

As a result, the girls thought starting a fundraiser to fill in the budget gaps would be one of the best ways to support pupils and staff in the school so set about trying to raise £200 which they obviously smashed. The money raised at the final count was a whopping £600! The money will go to the Centre for Alternative Learning and Mentoring (C.A.L.M.) department at school. The C.A.L.M. department is regarded by its users as a safe space in school. Ms Lloyd and Ms Fraser (Learning and Wellbeing Mentors) will spend the money on new resources that will help with the increasing demand on their services. They would like to thank the girls and those who kindly donated money. They look forward to sharing news on the Patcham website about what they have bought.

Patcham High School is committed to a whole school approach in promoting better mental health and wellbeing for its students and staff. They are linked in with a number of external agencies including a Brighton and Hove Primary Mental Health Worker from the Schools Wellbeing Service, YMCA Dialogue and allsorts. In addition a number of staff have been trained as mental health champions, a government funded initiative run by Mental Health First Aid England.


This is important as statistics from MHFA state that ‘One in ten young people experience a mental health issue at any one time: in an average group of 30 15 year-olds: Seven are likely to have been bullied; Six may be self-harming: One could have experienced the death of a parent’