Children with medical conditions

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Following a change in educational policy, the school is now required to keep much more detailed records of children who have a medical condition which may affect their well-being, Learning and safety at school. It is recognised that children with medical conditions need to be properly supported so that they have access to a full school life. This policy relates to children who have a long-term (and often lifelong) medical condition. This condition may have acute episodes and require on-going medication and support.

You can view the policy by going to the policies page under School Information.

In some cases we will need to write, in conjunction with you, an individual health care plan for your child. We are also required to keep careful records of any medication we administer to your

child on a regular basis.


We would therefore ask that, if you have not yet notified us of your child’s medical condition, you email  or write to us with as many details as you have about the condition, any medication taken and any involvement of medical professionals.  We will then be able to contact you with the relevant paperwork and, if necessary, invite you to a meeting to discuss your child’s needs. Please note that this only applies to on-going medical conditions or when the school is required to administer medication.


Please be assured that this will not affect the way we deal with your child’s medical condition in the intervening period.

Yours sincerely
Penny Denman
Assistant Headteacher
Academic Support

IMPORTANT: If your child is starting with us in September 2018 and they have a medical condition we should be notified of, please email or write to us detailing the condition, medication taken and involvement of medical professionals.