Year 11 Prom

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Dear Parent/Carer

I am very much looking forward to the Year 11 Prom on Friday 13th July. It is one of the highlights of the school year and a fantastic event for students to enjoy. It is the last time that Year 11s are together as a Year group. I know how much excitement and anticipation there is and the huge amount of preparation that everyone puts in
to make the event a memorable success.

I am writing to explain the protocols for the evening so that everyone is very clear about them. We want everyone to have the best time possible without anything spoiling it, so here are some things for students and parents to be aware of:

  • The Prom is a school event and therefore we expect all students to behave appropriately.

  • Please think carefully about your pre-Prom arrangements. If any student arrives at the Prom in an inebriated state, or it is clear that s/he has been consuming excess alcohol or under the influence of any other drug prior to arrival, the student’s parents will be contacted immediately and asked to pick their son/daughter up.

  • As all students attending the Prom are 16 years of age or under, you are reminded that it is illegal for any of them to buy or consume alcohol at the Prom.

  • Students must not bring alcohol or arrange to have alcohol brought to the Prom venue. If any is found, it will be confiscated and disposed of.

  • Please be aware that all students’ bags will be searched on entry and if we have suspicions that students have alcohol on their person, they may be patted down to verify.

  • Students are advised not to bring any bottles of soft drinks to the Prom. They will be confiscated on entry. Soft drinks can be purchased from the bar at The Grand.

Thank you for taking these protocols on board. By abiding by them, we will ensure that our Prom night is
a brilliant success and that everyone has a great time.

Kind regards,
John McKee