Additions to the Emotional Wellbeing page

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Following information from the Sussex Police Youth Safety and Intervention Team, we have added a few online resources that may be of use.

Check out Parent Zone’s FREE parent guides for information on all the latest websites, apps and digital trends. From live-streaming platform Twitch to popular online game Fortnite, they have covered what you need to know. Take a look the expert advice and share with parents and guardians.

Cyber Security Challenge UK has developed a working partnership with the NCA to produce free teaching resources to help parents and teachers across the UK to raise awareness of the issue of cybercrime amongst young people.

The PSHE Association has published teaching resources designed to support the government’s Disrespect NoBody campaign to help prevent abusive behaviours within young people’s relationships.

Disrespect NoBody campaign

Fearless is the Crimestoppers brand for young people. Fearless is a site where young people can access non-judgemental information and advice about crime and criminality. What makes this site different is it also provide young people with a safe place to give information about crime – 100% anonymously.

Please can you promote this site with young people, as we know that some of them would like to give information about crime that is being committed but are frighten to be seen as snitching on people?

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