Cycle Safety Guidelines

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We are keen to encourage cycling to and from school.  It has many benefits, including encouraging independence, reducing congestion and it’s a healthy activity.  However, we have received a number of complaints from local residents and other road users, about how some of our students are riding their cycles. We feel it is important to reiterate the importance of being safe and considerate to others.

  • Student cyclists are strongly encouraged to wear an appropriate fitted cycle helmet for the entirety of their journey to and from school.
  • All cycles stored on school site should be in a roadworthy condition with two brakes, lights and reflectors.
  • Students should, where possible, wear high visibility clothing and in winter, parents/guardians should ensure that adequate front and rear lighting are fitted to cycles.
  • Student cyclists must dismount as soon as they approach the gates on Ladies Mile Road and push their cycles to the bike sheds.
  • Students should not ride two or three abreast on roads or pavements and pulling wheelies in traffic is dangerous and is strongly discouraged.
  • Patcham High School cannot accept any responsibility for loss, theft or damage to any cycle or associated items brought to school. Cycles should be locked securely in the bike sheds.

These guidelines help to ensure the safety of students, pedestrians and other road users. 

We thank you for your support in relation to this matter.