Information about the upcoming Year 8 exam week

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Dear Parents/Carers


Year 8 Exam Week, 20-24th May.


I am writing to inform you that the Year 8 exam week will take place during the week commencing the 20th May. All exams will take place during their normal lesson time in classrooms and will be completed in GCSE exam conditions. Extra time is built in to all exams so that no student is disadvantaged by not having the time to complete the exam.


The primary purpose of the exam week is to give our students the opportunity to experience a period of examination that will closely mirror what is expected in Year 11, when they are completing their final GCSE exams. This will allow them to get used to exam conditions and allow them to continue to foster the revision and independent study routines that are necessary to ensure that they fulfil their potential. In addition to this, it will allow both teachers and students to measure the progress they have made in Year 8, and ultimately identify where further support and extension is necessary throughout the rest of Year 8 and into Year 9.


In the coming weeks subject teachers will spend some lesson time preparing students for these exams and will provide them with revision materials to use at home. If your child is to fulfil their potential in their exams, I cannot stress enough how important it will be for them to spend time at home completing focussed revision.


I would also like to take this opportunity to say that it was a pleasure to see so many of you at both the Parents and Options Information evenings, last term.  We all value and appreciate the support that you give us, and on behalf of all my colleagues, we continue to look forward to working with you to support what we believe is a really special group of young people be the best that they can be.


Finally, some housekeeping regarding two of the basic expectations we have at PHS and the support that you can give us at a time that, from my experience, some of our students need supporting with.


Equipment: Basic equipment (Pen, Pencil, Ruler, Rubber, Glue, Colours and Calculator). Please check they have what they need and perhaps more importantly that they are bringing it to school.


Uniform: Year 8 are generally in excellent uniform, and I know they take great pride in this. Your support with ensuring students have plain black socks, no brightly coloured nails or nail extensions and a single piercing in each ear (no nose studs) will continue to be appreciated.


Thanks again for your support and, as always, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself, your child’s tutor or class teachers.


Mr T Brookes

Head of Year 8