Year 7 8 and 9

In Art we have homework seasons. A blue homework sketchbook is worked on in class and at home and all tasks are explained and practiced in the classroom before being taken home.

The homework season consists of students taking their blue homework sketchbook home and working on a biro drawing. The book comes into each lesson to be developed and taken home each lesson to spend more time on it. The drawing gradually builds up.  The homework season lasts for a number of weeks until that page is refined and complete.

Homework seasons can be observational or imaginative. All tasks support students drawing and technical skills.


Year 10

Homework seasons continue into year 10 with students working in biro in their blue home sketchbook. Students will be expected to use time outside of lessons to develop and complete their classwork. Many students choose to come back into the department at lunch or after school to continue with their course work.


Year 11

Students will be working on developing their black sketchbook work at home. Students will be expected to research and work from artists alongside experimenting with refining their techniques. Students will need to make weekly independent progress in order for books to be complete. These black sketchbooks will come to every lesson and will go home each lesson. In the spring term students will be working on their final exam sketchbooks. Students will be responsible for their progress from lesson to lesson.