Geography                                                                                   WJEC EDUQAS Geography B

Three exam papers are taken in year 11:

Paper 1 – Investigating Geographical Issues 40%

Theme 1: Changing Places – Changing Economies

Global cities, urban and rural changes – commuter villages, retail – how technology is changing where we shop.  Global patterns of development – Fair Trade

Theme 2: Changing Environments

Coasts – How do people contribute to coastal processes? Rivers – What are the consequences of floods? Weather and Climate – extreme weather and its impacts. Global warming.

Theme 3: Environmental Challenges

Ecosystems – How are they damaged by human activity? How can they be managed in a sustainable way? Water – Why does supply and demand vary over time?  Desertification – What processes operate to make semi- arid places vulnerable?


Paper 2 – Problem Solving Geography 30%

Will use the content from all the 3 themes:

Theme 1: Changing Places – Changing Economies

Theme 2: Changing Environments

Theme 3: Environmental Challenges


Paper 3 – Applied Fieldwork Enquiry 30%

Part A – assesses approaches to fieldwork methods, representations and analysis.

Part B – assesses how fieldwork may be used to investigate.

Part C – assesses broad geographical concepts to a wider UK context and assess the ability to make and justify a decision

Local fieldtrips are compulsory as pupils will need to use this experience in their fieldwork exam.