Key Stage 3

The team is delivering a new course to take into account the new KS3 national curriculum. This course involves a much improved way of bridging the gap between KS3 and GCSE level. Many key concepts taught in GCSE are now introduced in KS3 allowing a much better transition. The course is fully supported by online resources which all  of our KS3 pupils have a password to access. The link is as follows:

Autumn Term Revision Checklist

Y7 Autumn Assessment Booklet 2017/18

Y8 Autumn Assessment Booklet 2017/18

Y9 Autumn Assessment Booklet 2017/18

Y10 Autumn Assessment Booklet 2017/18

Biology One

Cells – The Building Blocks of Life

In this unit students will study cellular mechanisms and organisation in all living organisms. Human development and reproduction in both plants and animals are also investigated.

Biology Two

Body Systems – Eating, Drinking and Breathing

In this unit students will get the opportunity to study in more depth the digestive and respiratory systems. In addition, diet, nutrition and lifestyle factors are considered along with the  health, and socio economic effects of poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyles.

Biology Three

Getting the Energy Your Body Needs

This unit focuses on the skeleton and muscles structures. It is also where the key processes of Aerobic and Anaerobic respiration are introduced.

Biology Four

Looking at Plants and Ecosystems

This unit considers the essential part green plants play in sustaining life. Ecological relationships and interactions within and between species in the environment are considered.

Chemistry One

Mixing, Dissolving and Separating

This heavily investigative unit will include key separation techniques used in Chemistry to include distillation and chromatography.

Chemistry Two

Elements, compounds and Reactions

This unit focuses on the Periodic Table and how elements and compounds interact during chemical reactions. Metals and non- metals will also be studied in detail.

Chemistry Three

Explaining Physical changes

The particle theory which supports all matter is introduced with investigations and focus on key scientific discoveries.


Chemistry Four

Chemistry Four – Explaining Chemical changes

Key chemical reactions are introduced with a particular focus on acids and alkalis, reactions of metals and combustion.

Physics One


In this unit students will study forces and their effects. They will look at useful and unwanted forces. They will also consider the applications of levers and turning forces.

Physics Two

Energy transfers and Sound

This unit looks at energy transfers that are both useful and useless. Sound energy is studied in detail.  Aspects of hearing and measures to improve hearing are also studied.

Physics Three

Exploring contact and non-contact forces

In this unit forces are explored in more detail to consider specific ideas on Gravity and Space,  Electrostatics and Pressure.

Physics Four

Magnetism and Electricity.

This unit amplifies prior knowledge of magnetism by expanding to explain electromagnetism. Students will also look at electricity and electrical circuits. They will build and investigate series,parallel circuits. Electrical resistance and its uses will also be studied.


Key Stage 4

Controlled Assessment Help

Top Tips for Carrying Out Research

Top Tips for Displaying Data

Top Tips for Evaluating

Science Controlled Assessment Research Checklist for Students

This is a link to a guide for the controlled assessment which will give parents and students a general idea of what the students will be expected to do:

Candidate Guidelines for Controlled Assessment

Revision Tips for Exams

10 Ways to be successful in the Summer exam for Core Additional Science

Making the most of  your revision guide

Supporting your child at exam time:

Supporting your child at exam time

Extra Curricular Activites

Regular Trips and Enrichment Activities

Key stage 4

  • Rollercoaster workshop at Thorpe Park
  • Astronomy Masterclass at University of Sussex
  • GCSE Science Live!
  • Medics Conference at Varndean
  • Workshops at the Royal Institution: New Technology, Motors and Generators, Forensics
  • Physics workshops at University of Sussex
  • RSC Chemistry Challenge – regional finalists in 2014
  • Salters Chemistry residential Camp for year 10 Triple science
  • Antweight Challenge (Robo-Wars type competition in school

Key Stage 3

  • John Muir Residential Trip June 2015
  • Brighton Science Fair
  • BRIGHT MED scheme advancing into medicine Year 8 into 9
  • Big Energy Project in association with EDF Energy
  • Inflatable Planetarium in association with Sussex University
  • Primary School Workshops  (Experiencing Science at Secondary Schools)

Careers In Science