Compact Plus programme:

The University of Brighton runs a Widening Participation programme called, ‘Compact Plus’, a partnership of over 50 schools in the South East that Patcham High is a part of. In these schools, the University can help support students’ transition into higher education by providing students, parents and teachers with advice and information, as well as offering workshops within these institutions. Parents in particular can benefit from presentations which address subjects such as student finance, support during transition and support whilst at university.


First-Generation Scholars programme:

Patcham High is also involved with the University of Sussex’s widening participation programme, called ‘First Generation Scholars’. It specifically targets groups of students who are currently under-represented in higher education and offers exclusive events to the students who are chosen to be part of their scheme.

Through sustaining a programme of support, advice and university experiences from Years 9 to 13, it is hoped that students will gain the knowledge that they require in order to make informed choices about their futures.



A cohort of students in each year group at Patcham High School is selected to take part in IntoUniversity’s Secondary FOCUS Workshop Programme.

IntoUniversity is a national educational organisation which provides learning centres in local communities where young people are inspired to achieve. IntoUniversity works with young people between the ages of 7 and 18 to promote aspiration and offer support and guidance to students through their school journey.

The Secondary FOCUS Programme consists of two workshops per academic year for each year group. The same cohort of students will attend each workshop together and receive long-term support and guidance throughout their time at Patcham High School. The Secondary FOCUS Programme is specifically designed to develop students’ skills and qualities; encourage them to develop aspirational goals; assist students with making important educational decisions; help them recognise and utilise their individual learning styles and introduce them to potential career options.

The Secondary FOCUS Programme is a gateway to many further opportunities: IntoUniversity also offers a free Academic Support Programme for Secondary School students on Mondays and Thursdays between 4pm and 5.30pm. If your child is not selected to take part in the Secondary FOCUS Programme, they may still be eligible to attend Academic Support, so please contact IntoUniversity to enquire.

If you would like to learn more about IntoUniversity and its programmes, or register your child for Academic Support, please do get in touch.

The IntoUniversity Brighton team would love to hear from you!


Telephone: 01273 602 102


Or just pop in:

St Andrews’s Church Hall