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Year 10 MOCK Exam Timetable

For Students

Student / Parent Exam Handbook


On the Day of the Exam

You MUST arrive at least 10 MINUTES before the exam start time listed on your timetable. The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) who oversee how exams are run in all schools, have produced guidelines as to what is expected of you and how your exam will be run. You can read the requirements in this document:

2018-19 JCQ Information for Candidates – Written Exams

Documents issued by JCQ that are relevant to ALL students are listed below. It is your responsibility to read them and be aware of the rules and regulations. Copies of these documents are available on the exam noticeboards outside the Hall and Gym.

2018-19 JCQ Information for Candidates – Coursework

2018-19 JCQ Information for Candidates – Non Exam Assessment

2018-19 JCQ Information for Candidates – Onscreen Tests

2018-19 JCQ Information for candidates – Privacy Notice

2018-19 JCQ Information for candidates – Social Media

2018-19 JCQ Poster – Warning to Candidates

2018-19 JCQ Poster – No Mobile Phones

2018-19 JCQ Notice to Centres – Delivery of Computer Science projects 2019_20

Before the exam, check your ROOM and SEAT number on the seating plans lists which are placed on the exam noticeboards in the corridor near the Canteen before the exam is scheduled to begin. There could possibly be last minute changes to the desk number or rooms listed on your individual exam timetable.

Exam conditions are enforced from the time you enter the exam room until the time you have been dismissed. Remember your mobile phone must be SWITCHED OFF and shown to a member of staff as you enter the room – before being placed in your bag.

You must place your bag in the area designated by the invigilator; all mobile devices, smart watches and electronic devices must be turned off and kept in your bag. If you do not have a bag with you, please give these to the invigilator for safe keeping.

If you wear a wristwatch you must place this on your exam desk where the invigilator can see it. You are NOT allowed to have a smart watch of any kind on or near you.


You are only allowed to have the following items with you at your desk during the exam:-

  • a transparent pencil case (pens must be black ink or black biro – bring spares with you. No other colours are allowed because most exam papers are now scanned, and electronic scanners can only read black ink.)
  • HB pencil(s) and a pencil sharpener
  • A ruler
  • A rubber
  • Highlighter pen
  • Coloured pencils if required
  • Your own calculator (if permitted in that exam paper)
  • You are allowed water in a clear bottle with the label removed.
  • No food is allowed in the exam room (* Specific medical conditions may permit this)

Your desk will have a label on it. This will contain:

  • Your legal first name and surname – you must write this on every exam paper and on any addition paper you use – do not put preferred or known as names on exam papers as they are legal documents.  The use of any other names on your paper may cause a delay in your exam paper being marked.
  • Your candidate examiniation number
  • Your school photograph so that Invigilators can identify you
  • The Patcham High School Centre Number for your exam paper

In some exams you will write on the exam paper, and in others you will use a separate booklet or paper.

It is your responsibility to check that you have written your name and candidate number on each page of the paper; listed the questions you have answered where required, and securely fastened your exam papers together.

The invigilators will supply anything you need, such as extra paper, treasury tags; or replace faulty equipment.

Before each exam starts, the invigilators will read out information about the exam and remind you of important information – please listen carefully.

You MUST NOT draw or write comments on the exam paper, other than the answer to the questions. If you do the exam board may refuse to mark your exam, and possibly all other subjects. This has happened to students in the past.

Problems on Exam Day

If you know that you are going to be late for an exam please ring the school on 01273 503908 to let us know. On arrival at reception, you will be escorted into the exam BUT ONLY IF your arrival falls within the permitted guidelines for late arrivals. There are no allowances for very late arrivals and you will NOT be able to sit the paper which will severely affect the overall grade for that subject.

If you are unable to do the exam due to genuine illness you must telephone the school on 01273 503908. You will need to obtain a medical certificate of absence from your Doctor. This must be returned to trichardson@patchamhigh.org.uk within TWO days of the scheduled examination date in order that the exam board can be informed within their deadline. It is then up to the individual examining body to decide if they will make any allowance in your overall grade for missing the paper.

External exams can only be taken at the scheduled examination time, and you only have ONE opportunity to take each exam paper.

If anything happens before an exam which could affect your success (such as close family  bereavement, a broken limb, family or personal problems, please speak to or e-mail our examination manager Mrs Richardson on (01273) 543487, or email her at trichardson@patchamhigh.org.uk.

There is a JCQ process for Special Consideration in the event of illness or other examination absence, this is detailed below. The exam board may be able to take the situation into consideration when awarding marks for that exam.

Exam Results

Exam results are issued in August following the examinations taken in May and June each year.

Following the publication of results you have an opportunity to request a remark of an exam or ask for an exam paper to be returned.
The deadline for this is 21 September 2018. There are charges made by the exam boards which will be notified to you later in the year.
In most cases, the costs associated with requesting a remark will need to be paid by the student before an Enquiry about Results can be raised with the exam board.
Students must be aware that marks can go down and well as up in the event that a remark is requested.

Please e-mail trichardson@patchamhigh.org.uk if you require any clarification.

GCSE Exam Results 2018
GCSE Exam Results 2017
GCSE Exam Results 2016
GCSE Exam Results 2015
GCSE Exam Results 2014

Form to complete to collect grades by proxy.

Exam Certificates

For students who took examinations during the 2017-2018 Academic year, the Certificate Evening is on Thursday 15thNovember in the Library between 5-6pm.

For students who took examinations during the 2017-2018 Academic year, Certificates can be collected from Reception on Thursday 15thNovember 2018 between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm.

Then can you please put this onto the Latest News with an end date of Friday 16 November.

Exam Information For Students

All students will be tested during their time at Patcham High School. The nature of the test will range from an internal test in a classroom setting, to a series of mock or external formal exams taken under examination conditions as specified by JCQ.

Exam Dates for 2017-18 will be published in a provisional format by the end of October 2017. This timetable should be checked regularly as this can be subject to change. A final version will be available by February 2018 with exact timings. Dates will not change however.

Before the start of each exam series, a personalised individual timetable highlighting exam details, dates, room and start/end times will be provided to each student. It is the students’ responsibility to check the details listed, and if there are any queries the student should see their subject teacher or e-mail trichardson@patchamhigh.org.uk


More information about exams can be found on the following websites;