Most of the work of the Governing Body is delegated to committees that each meet at least termly. There are three main committees and a pay committee that meets annually under the terms of the Teachers’ Pay Policy. The full governing body meets four times a year.  Meetings scheduled for the 2021/22 year are 23rd September 2021, 20th January 2022,  12th May 2022 and 12th July 2022.

Minutes of the Full Governing Body and committee meetings (except confidential minutes) including the attendance of governors, will be displayed here once they have been approved – just click on the date.

Full Governing Body 23rd September 2021

Full Governing Body 13th July 2021

Full Governing Body 13th May 2021

Full Governing Body 21st January 2021

Full Governing Body 24th September 2020

Full Governing Body 15th July 2020

Full Governing Body 8th June 2020

Full Governing Body 19th May 2020

Full Governing Body 30th April 2020

Full Governing Body 5th December 2019

Full Governing Body 19th September 2019

Full Governing Body 9th July 2019 

Full Governing Body 14th May 2019

Full Governing Body 27th March 2019

Full Governing Body 13th December 2018

Full Governing Body 20th September 2018

Quality of Education Committee – Andrew Saunders (Chair)

This committee oversees the implementation of the National Curriculum as prepared by the Headteacher to ensure the school performs its responsibilities to have a clear and ambitious vision for providing high-quality inclusive education to all students at the school.  It should be realised through strong, shared values, policies and practice.  It changed its name from Teaching Learning and Outcomes Committee in September 2019 and its new remit is here. Meetings scheduled for the 2021/2022 year are: 30th November 2021, 1st March 2022 and 13th June 2022.

Quality of Education Agenda 14th June 2021

Quality of Education Minutes 1st December 2020

Quality of Education Minutes 16th June 2020

Quality of Education Minutes 21st January 2020

Quality of Education Minutes 22nd October 2019

TLO Minutes 25th June 2019

TLO Minutes 23rd January 2019

TLO Minutes 13th November 2018

TLO Minutes 25th June 2018


Finance Health and Safety Committee – Marc Ducroquet-Lavin (Chair)

This committee changed its name from Resources Committee in September 2019. Its objectives include: ensuring fair and effective performance management and the effectiveness of leadership and management section of the school development plan; overseeing the financial performance of the school, making sure its money is well spent and ensuring financial probity.  Its full remit is here. Meetings scheduled for the 2021/2022 year are 15th November 2021 and 23rd February 2022.

FHS Minutes 10th November 2020

FHS Minutes 24th February 2021

FHS Minutes 26th February 2020

FHS Minutes 19th November 2019

FHS Minutes 25th February 2019

Resources Minutes 7th Nov 2018


Behaviour, Attitude and Personal Development – Richard Evea (Chair)

The committee changed its name from Students, Family and Community in September 2019. Its objectives are to: improve attendance and behaviour for learning for all groups and strive for excellence; engage with stakeholders and remove barriers to learning; improve personal development and support delivery of these sections in the school development plan.  Its full remit is here. Meetings scheduled for the 2021/2022 year are 12th October 2021, 17th March 2022 and 9th June 2022.

BAPD Agenda 10th June 2021

BAPD Minutes 18th June 2020

BAPD Minutes 12th March 2020

BAPD Minutes 17th October 2019

SFC Minutes 23rd May 2019

SFC Minutes 7th March 2019

SFC Minutes 18th October 2018