Title Legal Surname Email Department Job Title Twitter Handles
Mr A Abdulatti aabdulatti@patchamhigh.org.uk Cleaning Cleaning Team Member
Ms A Ahmad aahmad@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Behaviour Assistant
Mr J Albone jalbone@patchamhigh.org.uk Science Science Teacher
Mr J Allen jallen@patchamhigh.org.uk Admin Cover Supervisor
Miss A Arnold aarnold@patchamhigh.org.uk Maths Maths Coach
Ms B Arnold barnold@patchamhigh.org.uk English English Coach
Ms R Astley rastley@patchamhigh.org.uk Maths Maths AST
Ms T Avey Cleaning Cleaning Team Member
Ms A Baker abaker@patchamhigh.org.uk Admin Student Services Receptionist (Fri)
Ms H Baker hbaker@patchamhigh.org.uk Science Science Teacher
Ms J Barden jbarden@patchamhigh.org.uk Art Art Technician
Ms B Bata bbata@patchamhigh.org.uk Physical Education Swimming Coach/Lifeguard
Mr M Beal mbeal@patchamhigh.org.uk School Site Team Site Staff Team Member
Ms C Black cblack@patchamhigh.org.uk Admin Student Services Receptionist (Mon-Thu)
Miss C Bocking cbocking@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning SENCO
Mrs D Bonner dbonner@patchamhigh.org.uk Admin School Business Manager
Mr J Bonner jbonner@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Braiden sbraiden@patchamhigh.org.uk Library Reprographics Assistant (Mon, Tue, Wed) Learning Resource Assistant (Thu)
Mr G Brennan gbrennan@patchamhigh.org.uk Science 2nd i/c Science: Quality First Teaching
Mr T Brookes tbrookes@patchamhigh.org.uk Physical Education Head of Year 10 / PE Teacher
Mr N Brown nbrown@patchamhigh.org.uk IT IT and Digital Media
Ms A Burns aburns@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Teaching Assistant
Miss L Carney lcarney@patchamhigh.org.uk MFL Head of MFL
Miss E Clift eclift@patchamhigh.org.uk Maths Maths Coach
Mr M Coffin mcoffin@patchamhigh.org.uk Maths Maths Teacher
Mrs K Colburn kcolburn@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Teaching Assistant
Mr R Darby rdarby@patchamhigh.org.uk Classics Latin and Classical Civilisation Teacher
Mrs E Davies edavies@patchamhigh.org.uk Media Media Teacher
Miss J Day jday@patchamhigh.org.uk Science Science Coach
Mr R del Olmo rdelolmo@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Denman pdenman@patchamhigh.org.uk SLT Assistant Head
Ms M Dhanwantri mdhanwantri@patchamhigh.org.uk Maths Maths Coach
Dr. M Dixon mdixon@patchamhigh.org.uk Science Science Teacher
S Doherty sdoherty@patchamhigh.org.uk Drama Head of Drama
Ms V Drew vdrew@patchamhigh.org.uk Art Head of Art
Ms R Dyche rdyche@patchamhigh.org.uk Maths Head of Year 7 / Maths Teacher @missdychephs
Mrs A Edwards adedwards@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Behaviour Support Manager
Ms G Egner gegner@patchamhigh.org.uk Science Science Teacher
Ms H Emerson hemerson@patchamhigh.org.uk Physical Education PE Teacher
Miss J Felsing Catering Catering Assistant
Mrs E Fieldsend efieldsend@patchamhigh.org.uk Art Art Teacher
Mr C Finlay cfinlay@patchamhigh.org.uk PE/Geography PE Teacher/Advocate Year 11
Ms L Fireman lfireman@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Teaching Assistant
Ms K Ford Cleaning Cleaning Team Member
Miss G Fowler gfowler@patchamhigh.org.uk English English Teacher
Ms H Francis Cleaning Cleaning Team Member
Ms C Gale cgale@patchamhigh.org.uk Maths Maths Teacher
Ms J Gamain jgamain@patchamhigh.org.uk Admin Attendance Manager
Ms M Garmston-Newman mgarmstonnewman@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Teaching Assistant
Ms J Goatley jgoatley@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Learning Mentor
Ms S Goble sgoble@patchamhigh.org.uk Technology Food Technology Assistant
Mr A Gomez Pozas Cleaning Cleaning Team Member
Mr J Guiver jguiver@patchamhigh.org.uk Lifeskills Advocate Year 8 / Head of Sociology / Life Skills Teacher
Mr T Gurowich tgurowich@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Teaching Assistant
Ms M Gurung Cleaning Cleaning Team Member
Mr E Hall ehall@patchamhigh.org.uk Physical Education Director of Sport
Mrs J Hall jhall@patchamhigh.org.uk Science Director of Science
Miss K Hallett khallett@patchamhigh.org.uk English Head of Year 11 / English Teacher
Mrs J Hamilton jhamilton@PatchamHigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Teaching Assistant
Miss K Hammond khammond@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Teaching Assistant/Individual Needs Assistant
Ms C Harrington charrington@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Harris charris@patchamhigh.org.uk MFL MFL Teacher & Deputy SENCO
Ms P Heesom-Green pheesom-green@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Herbert sherbert@patchamhigh.org.uk Humanities 2nd i/c Humanities: Subject Leader for Geography
Mrs S Hibbitt-Morris Catering Catering Assistant
Mr A Hill ahill@patchamhigh.org.uk Music Music Teacher
Mrs E Holmes eholmes@patchamhigh.org.uk Admin Headteacher’s PA
Ms C Hooper Catering Catering Assistant
Ms A Howard ahoward@patchamhigh.org.uk Science Science Coach
Mr A Ingram aingram@patchamhigh.org.uk IT Network Manager
Mr R Irvine rirvine@patchamhigh.org.uk Geography Geography Teacher/Head of Year 9
Ms V Jarvis vjarvis@patchamhigh.org.uk Library Librarian (Mon, Tue, Wed, Friday)
Ms E Jin-Wang ejinwang@patchamhigh.org.uk MFL MFL Teacher
Ms K Jordan kjordan@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Learning Mentor – The Bridge
Ms Z Kent zkent@patchamhigh.org.uk Admin Admissions Officer/Exams Administrator
Mrs H Kinchin-Frost hkinchin-frost@PatchamHigh.org.uk Lifeskills Head of Lifeskills
Ms K Knee Cleaning Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs J Lawrence jlawrence@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Teaching Assistant (Mon-Thurs)
Mr M Lindner mlindner@patchamhigh.org.uk Physical Education PE Teacher
Ms J Lloyd jlloyd@patchamhigh.org.uk MFL MFL Teacher
Mr M Maier mmaier@patchamhigh.org.uk Technology Technology Teacher
Ms R Marks-Billson rmarks-billson@patchamhigh.org.uk Finance Finance Officer/Educational Visits Co-ordinator
Mr P Marsh pmarsh@patchamhigh.org.uk English Director of English
Ms L Martins Janes Fernandez Cleaning Cleaning Team Member
Ms E Maykels Cleaning Cleaning Team Member
Mr I McDowell imcdowell@patchamhigh.org.uk Science Science Teacher
Mrs N McEvaddy nmcevaddy@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Outreach Teaching and Learning Assistant
Mr J McKee head@patchamhigh.org.uk SLT Headteacher @PatchamHighHead
Ms R McLaverty rmclaverty@patchamhigh.org.uk English English Teacher
Ms E McQuade Catering Cook
Ms N Meaker nmeaker@patchamhigh.org.uk Lifeskills Teaching and Learning Coach/ Professional Tutor & Life Skills Teacher @NancyMeaker
Ms S Merriman smerriman@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning SEN Admin Assistant
Ms T Mezei tmezei@patchamhigh.org.uk Science Science Technician
Ms A Molas amolas@patchamhigh.org.uk Modern Foreign Languages MFL Teacher 0.8 FTE
Mr A Montford amontford@patchamhigh.org.uk Maths/English Maths Coach (& Yr7 Maths & Literacy Support Worker)
Ms A Morrow Catering Catering Assistant
Miss E Newman enewman@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Learning Mentor – The Bridge
Ms J Newman jnewman@patchamhigh.org.uk Admin Academic Support Administrator
Mr M Newman mnewman@patchamhigh.org.uk SLT Deputy Headteacher
Ms E Niland eniland@patchamhigh.org.uk Drama Head of Year 8/Drama Teacher
Mr N Noriega nnoriega@patchamhigh.org.uk Modern Foreign Languages MFL Teacher
Miss M Nyirahirwa mnyirahirwa@patchamhigh.org.uk Maths Maths Teacher
Ms N Ottaway nottaway@patchamhigh.org.uk Admin Out of School Learning Opportunities Co-Ordinator
Mr W Page wpage@patchamhigh.org.uk Technology Technology Technician
Ms S Painter spainter@patchamhigh.org.uk Maths Maths Teacher
Ms S Palmer spalmer@patchamhigh.org.uk Admin Receptionist
Mr J Parker jparker@patchamhigh.org.uk Humanities Head of Humanities
Ms R Parry rparry@patchamhigh.org.uk Admin Cover and HR Administrator
Ms Z Phillips zphillips@patchamhigh.org.uk Physical Education Sports Mentor (Albion In The Community)
Ms R Planer Moore rplanermoore@patchamhigh.org.uk English English Teacher
Mr J Quinn jquinn@patchamhigh.org.uk School Site Team Site Staff Team Member
Ms S Razak srazak@patchamhigh.org.uk Maths Maths Teacher
Ms M Rees Cleaning Cleaning Team Member
Mr A Reeve areeve@patchamhigh.org.uk Music Head of Music
Ms M Reid mreid@patchamhigh.org.uk SLT Director of The Bridge / English
Ms T L Richardson tlrichardson@patchamhigh.org.uk Physical Education Dance Teacher
Mrs T Richardson trichardson@patchamhigh.org.uk Admin SIMS & Data Manager / Examinations Officer
Miss R Romijn-Wilcox RRomijn-Wilcox@PatchamHigh.org.uk Science Science Teacher / KS3 Deputy SENCO
Mr Y Sayed Cleaning Cleaning Team Member
Mrs E Sayers esayers@patchamhigh.org.uk Maths 2nd i/c Maths
Ms N Seaman Catering Catering Assistant
Miss C Shrewsbury cshrewsbury@patchamhigh.org.uk English English Teacher/Advocate Year 10
Miss R Simpson rsimpson@patchamhigh.org.uk Maths Maths Teacher
Mrs S Stephens sstephens@patchamhigh.org.uk Admin Receptionist
Miss R Strong rstrong@patchamhigh.org.uk Maths Assistant Head/Head of Maths
Mr J Sulc jsulc@patchamhigh.org.uk IT Support IT Technician
Ms V Sutherland vsutherland@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Safeguarding Support Officer
Ms E Taylor-Mungai etaylormungai@patchamhigh.org.uk English English Teacher
Ms R Thompson Heath rthompson@patchamhigh.org.uk Science Senior Science Technician
Mrs S Tobli stobli@patchamhigh.org.uk Admin Admin Assistant
Mr E Tyson etyson@patchamhigh.org.uk English English Coach
Ms S Ugle sugle@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Teaching Assistant
Mr C Vafeas cvafeas@patchamhigh.org.uk Humanities Humanities Teacher/Advocate Year 7
Mrs A Vaughan Catering Catering Assistant
Ms Y Vincent yvincent@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning The Bridge Mentor
Mrs B Walsh-Benn bwalsh-benn@patchamhigh.org.uk Science Lead Practitioner Science
Mr M Warner mwarner@patchamhigh.org.uk SLT Deputy Headteacher @MarkJWarner1
Mrs K Watson kwatson@patchamhigh.org.uk English Lead Practitioner in English
Mrs H Wells hwells@patchamhigh.org.uk Technology Head of Technology
Ms D Wheeller dwheeller@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Whelan jwhelan@patchamhigh.org.uk Catering Catering Manager
Mr A Williams awilliams@patchamhigh.org.uk IT and Computing IT and Computing Teacher
Ms J Wilson jwilson@patchamhigh.org.uk Maths Maths Teacher
Mr L Wingate lwingate@patchamhigh.org.uk School Site Team Site Team Manager
Miss L Yoxen lyoxen@patchamhigh.org.uk Personalised Learning Senior Learning Mentor
Ms M Zohrehie mzohrehie@patchamhigh.org.uk Technology Technology Teacher/Advocate Year 9