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Patcham High School

Ladies Mile Road



Telephone:  01273 503908


If you know the member of staff you wish to speak to, please contact them in the first instance using the staff email addresses listed on our website.


For general queries to the school, contact Elise Holmes or email

Minutes of governing body meetings are available on request from the Clerk to Governors. Please contact

Admissions arrangements

Patcham High School is a local authority school and therefore admission to the school is through the Local Authority department at King’s House.  You can contact them by telephoning 01273 293653, or by visiting this website for information:

Our published admission number for entry into Year 7 in 2016 is currently 215 students.  We do not operate a selection policy for admission and comply with the requirements of the Admissions Code.  If more students apply than we have places available, the Local Authority will allocate places according to the criteria set out in the Admissions Code.

Prospective parents are welcome to look around the school before they make application.  Please telephone the school and ask to speak to Zoe Kent, our Admissions officer.


Ethos and Values

Our school is rooted in its local community.  We welcome students of all abilities and backgrounds and encourage them to be the best they can.  Visitors remark on the warmth of the atmosphere when they visit us and we often refer to our school community as the Patcham family.  As one of the smaller schools in Brighton and Hove with just over 1000 students, we value knowing our students well and treating them as individuals.  Relationships between staff and students are strong and there is a vibrancy and energy to our school.  As far as we can, we personalise our curriculum to suit the needs, abilities and aspirations of our learners, encouraging them to reach their very best academic potential.  The development of personal qualities is central to our ethos and to that end we provide a wide and varied range of extra-curricular activities, designed to foster intellectual curiosity as well as building confidence and skills.  We are an innovative school where trying different things is encouraged and we lead the way in a number of key areas:  for example the introduction of our Drop Everything And Read programme where everyone reads for 15 minutes every day at the same time.  This has had a marked impact on our literacy levels and we now help other schools to introduce it.


GCSE results

Examination results for all subjects can be found on our website by following ‘School Information’ → ‘Examinations

Parents may access the school’s most recent full Ofsted report by following this link:

Parents may access the School Performance Tables on the DfE website by following this link:


DfE School Performance


The School Curriculum

For 2018/19, the curriculum followed by each year group is as follows:

Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8)

Subject Hours per fortnight
English 7
Maths 7
Science 6
History 3
Geography 3
Modern Foreign Languages 5 (French)
Technology 4
PE 5
Art 2
Drama 2
Music 2
Lifeskills (including RE) 2
Total 50


Key Stage 4

In Years 9, 10 and 11, all students follow a core curriculum of courses as follows:

Subject Hours per fortnight
English   (leading to GCSEs in English Language and English Literature) 7
Maths (GCSE) 7
Science (GCSE) 9
Lifeskills (Including RE) leading to GCSE in Citizenship 5
PE 4
Total 32

In addition to this, students will make ‘Option’ choices to follow a different curriculum pathway.  These option choices form the remaining 18 hours of teaching time per fortnight. There are a number of different pathways offered to students in KS4 depending on their aspirations and abilities.  These are summarised as follows:

  • Yellow pathway : 3 option subjects including a Humanities subject and a Modern Foreign Language leading to EBacc qualification (6 hours per fortnight per subject)
  • Red pathway: 3 option subjects (6 hours per fortnight per subject) including one EBacc subject
  • Green pathway: 2 option subjects plus extra English and Maths (6 hours per fortnight per option subject, 3 hours English, 3 hours Maths)
  • Blue pathway: 1 option subjects plus a level 1 College course (6 hours per fortnight per option subject plus 1 day per week at College )

Parents can find additional information about each subject area from the school website.  Follow the tab entitled Learning and then highlight Subject Information where a list of subjects will be presented for you to navigate to.

  1. Accredited Courses offered at Key Stage 4 in September 2017
    Subject Qualification
    English Language GCSE
    English Literature GCSE
    Mathematics GCSE
    Core Science GCSE
    Additional Science GCSE
    Further Additional Science GCSE
    French* GCSE
    German* GCSE
    Spanish* GCSE
    History* GCSE
    Geography* GCSE
    Ancient History* (Year 11 only) GCSE
    Latin *  (twilight time) GCSE
    Technology – Product design: Graphic Products GCSE
    Technology – Product design: Resistant Materials GCSE
    Technology – Product design: Textiles GCSE
    Technology – Food GCSE
    Physical Education GCSE
    Dance BTEC
    Drama GCSE and BTEC
    Art GCSE
    Graphical Illustration (Applied Art) GCSE
    Music GCSE and BTEC
    Sociology GCSE
    Computer Science * GCSE
    Citizenship GCSE
    Certificate in Digital Applications (Yr 11 only) CIDA (equivalent to 1 GCSE)
    ICT (Yr 9 and 10 only) TLM (equivalent to 1 GCSE)

    * EBacc subject

    College Courses  – day release to City College and Plumpton College

    Course title Qualification
    Hair care (Yr 11 only) Level 1 (equivalent to GCSE grade D-G)
    Beauty (Yr 11 only) Level 1 (equivalent to GCSE grade D-G)
    Child Care (Yr 11 only) Level 1 (equivalent to GCSE grade D-G)
    Motor mechanics (Yr 11 only) Level 1 (equivalent to GCSE grade D-G)
    Construction (Yr 11 only) Level 1 (equivalent to GCSE grade D-G)
    Catering (Yr 11 only) Level 1 (equivalent to GCSE grade D-G)
    Animal care Level 1 (equivalent to GCSE grade D-G)
    Equine Studies Level 1 (equivalent to GCSE grade D-G)
    Agricultural Machinery Level 1 (equivalent to GCSE grade D-G)

    Parents who would like more information about the Curriculum our students are following should contact Mr Newman, Deputy Headteacher on

    Pupil Premium report

    You can find our report detailing how we spent our allocation for the Academic Year 2016 and the impact it had, together with our spending plans for 2016/17 by following this link:

    Click here

Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy catch-up premium report

You can find our report detailing how we spent last year’s Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy catch-up premium funding and the impact it had by following this link:

Click here

Special Educational Needs (SEN) report

The school’s report on the policy for students with Special Educational Needs can be accessed by following this link:

Click here

Our Accessibility Plan for students with SEN can be accessed by following this link:

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Behaviour Policy

You can find our Behaviour Policy by following this link:

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All school policies can be found on our website by clicking on the School information tab and then School Policies or follow this link.