We recognise that mobile phones and other portable devices are important to our students; as learning tools, for contacting parents and carers and as a safety precaution that can be used to and from school. So we do not have a total ban on mobile devices on school premises. However, recent research suggests that the use of mobile phones can have a detrimental effect on student outcomes. Mobile phones affect behaviour; they can be a major distraction and can be used to bully and harm others. Furthermore, some students in the past came to rely on their mobile phones in-between lessons and before and after school to an extent that they were late to lessons because they were dealing with messages or calls on their phones.

For this reason we do not allow the use of mobile phones and portable devices inside the school building. The only exception is if a teacher specifically asks for students to use their mobile phone in a lesson for the purposes of learning. Students are able to use their mobile phones outside the school building during break and lunchtimes. Any phone seen inside the building is confiscated by staff, placed in a labelled bag in a locked safe and can be collected by the student at the end of the day. If a phone is confiscated on more than one occasion, a parent/carer will be asked to come and collect the phone on the student’s behalf. 

If a parent/carer needs to contact their child urgently they should phone the school reception and the message will be passed on to the child.