School Lunch Menu

Healthy Schools –  ‘ The Pantry’

Break time and lunch service all meet the requirements of the Government Nutritional Standards and Healthy Eating guidelines.

Catering at Patcham High is in-house. We offer hot meals (either meat or vegetarian) with a serving of fresh vegetables.  We also provide jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings, hot puddings, selection of fresh fruit, and yogurts. Home-made cakes are available daily and a selection of drinks.

We also offer Pasta King, baguettes bar, boxed salads, wraps and sandwiches.  At break time we serve a range of healthy hand held snacks.

The catering team is committed to a policy which ensures Fresh Food is featured at all times during both break services. We offer a wide range of meals and snacks to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. All pupils have the opportunity to get a significant proportion of their daily nutritional needs from their school meal.  Pupils have the option to bring in their own packed lunch to school.

The canteen operates a biometric fingerprint system for pupils to purchase food.  Parents add funds to pupil catering accounts via our secure on line payment system. The maximum spend limit per day is set at £5.00. If you wish this to be lowered for your child, please contact the Finance Office.

The most recent Patcham High School menus below.

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3

Week 4


Pantry Tariff
Morning Break   Lunch Service
Pizza £1.00 Soup £0.85
Hash browns (2) £0.85 Soup & Roll £1.05
Panini Veggie £1.45 Bread Roll £0.30
Panini Meat £1.85 Main Meal Meat/Veg £1.85
Bacon Bap £1.45 Meal Deal & Pudding £2.30
Pasta King £1.85 Hot Dessert £0.75
Sausage Roll £1.15 Vegetable Portion £0.55
Wedges £1.05 Custard Portion £0.35
Bacon Bagel £1.45 Plain Jacket £1.00
Chicken Wrapp £1.25 Filled Jacket £1.85
Pasta King £1.85
Drinks Salad Pots from £1.05
Water 500 ml £0.80 Tortilla Crisp £0.85
Water 330ml £0.55 Jelly Pots £0.60
Yazoo £0.80 Yoghurt £0.65
Radnor £0.85 Fruit Pots £0.80
Milk Flavour Cartons £0.65 Houmus & Veg Sticks £0.95
Milk £0.65 Cheese & Crackers £0.75
Capri Sun £0.85 Melon Slice £0.80
Juice Cartons £0.50 Fresh Fruit £0.50
Apple, Banana, Satsuma
Half Baguette £1.05 Pasta Salad Pots Fron £1.25 – £1.45
Baguettes £1.85 Caesar Salad Pots £1.15
Baguettes – Meal Deal £2.30 Tuna Pot £0.55
Wraps £1.85 Cheese Pot £0.55
Sandwiches from £1.35 to    £1.85
Cakes from £0.65
Lollies £1.05
Ice cream £0.55