At Patcham we believe in our motto of ‘One Team, One Dream’ and as such we want students to feel a sense of belonging to our school community. This starts with students wearing our full school uniform. We want our students to develop a sense of Pride in being part of our community and being fully organised and prepared for a day at school. Arriving in a consistent uniform sets a mindset for the rest of the school day in being organised and prepared to learn. It helps students develop a Respect for their role in school as learners and, therefore, support them in achieving Success.

Our aim is to provide an affordable uniform that allows some individuality whilst ensuring students can access their curriculum safely. We do, however, appreciate it represents a cost. Parents and carers who may have difficulty providing the required uniform should contact their child’s Head of Year or Advocate to discuss the issues in confidence and explore the support that the school can provide.

Students who are not in correct uniform will be asked to address the issue and you may be called so that we can open a dialogue to support the removal of any barriers your child and/or family have in providing a full uniform.

Coats can be worn over uniform to and from school, but must be removed inside the building. Students wearing a coat to school should have a school jumper underneath it so as they are warm enough in the school building once the coat is removed. Therefore, a coat is not a replacement for a jumper and an additional jumper or hoodie should not be used as an ‘extra’ layer. In cases where students have access to all the correct uniform items, but choose not to, we will use our sanction system as required.

Please label all items of clothing and equipment with your child’s name so that lost items can be returned.

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Patcham High School Uniform:

Uniform table March 24

Flat soled shoes, metal studs and blades are not permitted on the 3G artificial pitch for safety reasons. Please read the footwear guide.

School uniform and PE items marked with * are only available from Logo Schoolwear (

School Equipment:

School bag: All students must have a school bag of suitable size to carry their equipment.

Students are expected to bring a full set of equipment to school everyday including:

  • Pens, pencil, coloured pencils and a ruler
  • Scientific calculator
  • Pencil sharpener, protractor and rubber
  • School Journal (provided by school)
  • Reading book

Appearance: Please be aware

Our uniforms are available at Logo Sports in Hove.
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To access their online shop for Patcham High School click here.
There are limited numbers of used uniform items available. Click here to find out more.

If a student is not in the correct uniform in Period 1 their teacher will send them down to the member of staff on uniform duty. Their name will be added to a list and depending on whether they are a frequent or non-frequent infringer of the uniform code the following may happen:

  • We might make a phone call to see if you are able to drop in the correct uniform
  • A student may be lent an item of uniform
  • A student may be asked to attend a lunchtime uniform detention with their Head of House or Head of Year
  • In extreme cases a persistent offender may be put on an internal exclusion.