Post 16 - what happens next

There are many different options available to you when you leave Patcham High School. Where you choose to go depends on your qualifications, interests, career aspirations and the type of learning environment that suits you best.

In Brighton and the surrounding area, there are many different Post 16 Providers that offer a range of qualifications and subjects from A Levels, BTECs, T Levels and Apprenticeships.

Further Education gives you the opportunity to study courses you enjoy and are good at. Here you gain further qualifications, an opportunity to specialise in subjects you enjoy after which you can progress on to Higher Education, Apprenticeship or Employment.

You may choose to go to a Sixth Form College which forms part of a school, or you may be interested in a Sixth Form college to study A levels / BTEC’s. Alternatively, you may choose a specialist college or a vocational college. There are many different options out there, please take a look on the Post 16 Providers link for a comprehensive list, there are many options to research!

If you gain a minimum of five GCSEs grade 9-4 including English and Maths, you can progress on to a Level 3 course and have the choice of A Levels, BTEC’s, vocational qualifications or Apprenticeships. All of these options lead to Higher Education and all last 2 years. Normally you need to achieve a grade 5-6 to study any A Level that you studied at GCSE.

Vocational qualifications are work related courses, which cover a wide range of industries, such as; Business, IT & Travel, Catering & Hospitality, Construction & Trades, Creative Industries, Childcare & Social Care and Hair & Beauty.

If five GCSEs grade 9-4 are not achieved, it is not possible to progress on to A Levels. However, vocational qualifications are available at lower levels; Level 2 or Level 1, which last for 1 year. If this level is achieved, then you can usually move up to the next level the following year. In some colleges, GCSE retakes may be possible and if passed, A Levels can be progressed on to the next year.

If you do not achieve a GCSE Level 4 in English or/and Maths, you will need to retake it alongside your main course(s) until a Grade 4 is achieved.

It is possible to study for an Apprenticeship after Year 11. The majority of time will be in the workplace, whilst being supported by a training provider where you will gain valuable working experience in an industry you are interested in.  An apprenticeship often will lead to a permanent job. You do not necessarily need five GCSEs grade 9-4 to do an Apprenticeship but it will help, as standard (GCSE grade 9-4) at English and Maths is required.