How to Set up and Use the SIMS APP (SIMS Online Services)

Step 1 – Receiving Your Invitation

All parents (that we have an email address for) have been sent an email from called Patcham High School – SIMS Online Services Invite.

If you are already a parent of a children in different year group, your children should all show on your app.

Students have been sent their own invitation email to set up their SIMS Student App. The activation email has been sent to their school Patcham High email address.

The email (for both students and parents) will have looked like this: –

Step 2 – Setting Up Your Account

Click on the link at the top of the email that says “click this link”.

This will take you to this login screen.

The SIMS ID Option will NOT work – this is purely for school staff. Please don’t choose this account type.

Instead, choose one of the options shown here, and sign in with your personal Office 365 / Hotmail / Twitter / Facebook or Google/Gmail Account.

Students should choose the Office 365 option and use their Patcham School email address and the password they use to login to a school computer as their account type.

Once you have signed in with your chosen account, you will see this screen where your details will be confirmed (your name and invite code will appear automatically). Click the Register button on this screen.

The next screen will ask you to confirm your child’s date of birth as a security question.
This must be input as DD/MM/YYYY.

Step 3 – Signing In

Either go to the website ( ) OR download the App onto your phone or tablet and sign in with the online service that you used to set up your account (e.g. Microsoft / Google etc) and the password that you use for that account.

Parents should download the SIMS Parent App (Purple icon)

Students should download the SIMS Student App (Blue icon)

If you have any difficulties with activating your account, please email with the details of the issue you are having, and we will get in touch with you.